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How to Choose the Perfect Bus Rental Service in Chicago

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Happy Fourth of July

July 2, 2016

See Chicago in a Charter Bus

Chicago is a huge, old city, a city with a rich and great history. It is also a big city that has big city problems one of them being big city traffic. Issues that even locals can barely deal with sometimes.But it is an amazing city, with so many thin


July 1, 2016

The most dangerous bus roads in the world

So you want to go to an exotic faraway place. The problem is that sometimes in order to get there you have to use local transportation. Sometime a truck, sometime it’s got to be a helicopter or a boat, and sometimes you got to go by a local bus.The


The most expensive buses on the planet

What do you think when you think about a luxury bus? Leather seats, comfort, a dining room, a TV room? Something like that? One would think that but it turns out there is so much more you can get. How about a parking for your Aston Martin inside the unde


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