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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Long Bus Rides

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When is the Best Time to use a Charter Bus?

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Avoid Doing These 5 Things When Traveling by Charter Bus

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Why Rent a Bus for Your Employees

November 19, 2019

The Ultimate Chicago Guide for Tourists

Welcome to the Windy City! The place of breathtaking nature, exceptional parks, fantastic architecture, super-delicious food, and much much more. You’ll fall in love with Chicago the minute you arrive there. But first, let’s take care o


October 11, 2019

Why Decorate Your Wedding Bus Rental

Fall is the favorite season for wedding parties. That’s why this October’s blog should be dedicated to wedding bus rental in Chicago! There isn’t a more romantic way to say yes to your soulmate than with the beautiful fall sunset in


August 29, 2019

How to Save Some Money for Your Upcoming Trip

Everyone needs to get away sometimes (or, too often!) but is there always enough money to do it? Unfortunately, there isn’t. However, despite the budget difficulties, one shouldn’t deprive themselves of taking a step back and going somepla


May 28, 2019

How to Understand the Difference Between a Bus and a Coach Bus

Affordable, economically sound and sort-of kind to the Mother Nature (riding in a group is far better than riding in private cars separately, to the same location (fewer carbon emissions, right?)), everyone relies on the comfort of nearby buses to tak


March 18, 2019

Wedding Logistics Made Simple with One Swift Move!

It doesn’t matter if you admit it or not, weddings are the kind of endeavor that gets to us all. No person alive is indifferent to wedding bells, vows, and love that goes into a future filled with potential and romantic longevity. Some people lo


February 19, 2019

Why Use A Charter Bus Rental For Group Travel?

These days, everyone’s in a rush to get places, as quickly as possible. There’s very little time for relaxation, doing fun things with those you love, taking vacations, not working after work, and all that. So, when chance hits and you act


December 12, 2018

Supporting the Chicago Bears All Around the USA with Swift Charters

Did you see the game last Sunday? How do you mean “which game”? The one at Soldier Field where the Bears played  Los Angeles Rams and won (15-6!). At Swift headquarters, nobody was ashamed to celebrate! They do deserve a win, after th


November 21, 2018

4 Tips on How to Survive Holiday Get-Togethers with Your Family!

Guys, it’s Thanksgiving in a few days! Excited? Sure! Who isn’t looking forward to the “Turkey Day”, after all - especially if you managed to gather up all of your loved ones to enjoy their company during this national holiday.


October 23, 2018

Is Taking a Charter Bus Better Than Flying?

When it comes to choosing the best means of transportation, that’s pretty much a matter of preference. Would you rather be environmentally-friendly than quick to your destination? Do you like longer, but more exciting trips? Are you into direct


December 25, 2017

2018 New Year’s Eve Celebrations You Want to Attend in Chicago

Can you believe it’s 2018 already! Yeeeeez! It feels like we were all enthusiastic about welcoming 2017 into our lives just a few months ago, and there we are – promising ourselves a set of new beginnings at the doorstep of New Year. Ah, how times


August 7, 2017

What You Should Bring on a Charter Bus Trip

One of the most pleasant ways to have a nice journey with dear people is by renting a charter bus nearby. Whether you are organizing a family reunion, vacation or some other type of gathering, there are numerous advantages of traveling with Swift Charters


July 24, 2017

Get to the Notre Dame Games with Swift Charters

Planning to attend the Notre Dame Games with your class, your team members or an organization? Book a luxury bus if you are part of a large group and want to have all of you traveling together and having fun while you get there. It’s Time


March 30, 2017

Coach Bus Services

What Can You Find Within Coach Bus Services Offer? In most cases, group traveling means more stress, greater organization but it also means almost never being on time where you are wanted. What if we told you such worries are no longer an obstacle


December 1, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Bus Rental Service in Chicago

There are so many vehicles and charter bus providers on the market that you can easily get confused with the pending offers. How can one know which type of bus to rent? Luckily, Swiftcharters is here to help you make an informed decision. Your bus ren


October 11, 2016

Group Travel Like You’ve Never Seen

As much of a nightmare a family vacation in a car can usually be, group travel hits its all times high during the summer every year. Families and groups of friends get in their cars to escape city rush and head out on a road trip to a beach or mountai


July 4, 2016

Happy Fourth of July

Fourth of July is a big and important holiday and one definitely worth celebrating in style. Unfortunately, when the excitement kicks in and the inhibitions get lowered, there’s a number of problems that can occur – from barbecuing mishaps to fire


July 2, 2016

See Chicago in a Charter Bus

Chicago is a huge, old city with rich and great history. Similarly to most big cities, Chicago too has a problem with traffic jams that don’t sit lightly with neither locals nor visitors. However, the absolutely horrible traffic has never posed as an ob


July 1, 2016

The Most Dangerous Bus Roads in the World

Going to an exotic, dangerous faraway place can definitely be thrilling but taking a chance without doing a proper inspection of the area you are visiting isn’t that smart a move, especially if you’ve got to use local transportation, rent a truck or a


The most expensive buses on the planet

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the most expensive buses? It wouldn’t be surprising if you went in the direction of leather seats, comfort, luxury, a dining room, TV room and a number of other seemingly rich e


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