Avoid Doing These 5 Things When Traveling by Charter Bus

BLOG | January 29, 2020

Hiring a charter bus Chicago is easy, especially if you rely on Swift Charters as your reliable “chauffeured bus near me” provider. No matter if you need a simple airport shuttle Chicago, or a comfy bus rental for overnight trips, Swift Charters’ fleet offers comfort, safety, and efficiency. 

What’s really challenging about group trips is how to organize everything so that everyone enjoys each minute of the ride without stress, arguments, or any other unpleasant scenarios. That’s why it’s very important to make sure everyone on the bus follows certain rules in order to make both long-distance hourly bus rides and point to point trips fun, exciting and pleasant. 

Swift Charters has decided to make this little list of 5 things that all passengers should avoid doing in order to get the most out of the comfiest buses in the area

Print it out and pass on to your group or simply forward the link of this article, and have everyone know what NOT to do when traveling by bus in a group.

1. Being Late
Being Late - Traveling by Charter Bus

Before speaking about the behavior while on the bus, it’s essential to keep in mind one thing – if you’re late, the entire group will be late, and then the entire organization of your trip may suffer. Make sure you are ready on time and that you show up when previously agreed. Waiting for too long can create a lot of tension in the entire group, and then the atmosphere on the bus may be too tense. Also, planning out a group trip is stressful and challenging enough, being late and off schedule will only make it worse. 

Allow Swift Charters’ logistic experts to arrange everything regarding the trip and respect the given timing if you want to enjoy the nearest bus ride to the max. Rely on the best bus and van rental company in the area, and your ride will surely be executed flawlessly.

2. Being Too Loud

Chatting with friends around you is completely fine and normal, that’s the entire point of group travels – to have fun, hang out and bond while on the bus. However, speaking too loud so that it disturbs other passengers is unacceptable. Try to talk with the normal voice and make sure not to play the music too loudly because it can be considered rude towards the others. 

While Swift Charters’ fantastic vehicles already offer a bunch of fun amenities that make the trip pleasant, you may want to be aware of other people’s preferences and respect if someone dislikes listening to the music while traveling. That’s why you should mind the volume of your music when hiring a bus close by for your trips.

3. Bringing Stinky Food/Snacks
Bringing Food - Traveling by Charter Bus

Long-distance trips require bringing some food with you. While you’ll probably take breaks along the way and stop at gas stations where you can also eat, it’s always recommended to bring some food or snacks with you as well. Having said that, it’s important not to go overboard and bring food that can be easily perishable or stinky, such as cheese, tuna, eggs, and similar. 

This can make any trip unpleasant, and for those with a sensitive stomach, it could cause nausea, which is not very nice. Go with the neutral food that doesn’t have a lot of scents (for example, peanuts, sweets, pastry…), and riding on a van or bus in the vicinity will be enjoyable for everyone.

4. Keeping the Belongings Unorganized

If you happen to lose the belongings somewhere on the bus, you’ll probably cause a lot of hassle while searching for them during or after the ride. Do you really want to spend hours searching for your stuff, and have others wait for you as you do so? Of course not.

Make sure you pack everything nicely and place the belongings under the seat, in the underbelly or overhead compartment so that you know exactly where they are. Luckily, Swift Charters’ fleet features the closest charter buses in Chicago that have ample luggage space that can fit a lot of your belongings without a hassle. 

This is very helpful for corporate bus rides in Chicago as well as group rides to sports events because Swift Charters’ buses can fit a lot of sports props or anything else you may need.

5. Being Inconsiderate Towards Other Passengers

When traveling in a group, it’s important to keep in mind that your behavior affects everyone else on the bus. That’s why you should take everyone’s comfort into consideration. Other than renting the comfiest Chicago charter bus, another way of making all the passengers feel comfortable is to respect everyone’s space and peace.

Even though Swift Charters’ vans and buses in the vicinity are spacious, comfortable, and clean, it’s still a limited space that a lot of people share for hours. Be mindful of that when hiring a chauffeured charter bus in Chicago, and everyone’s trip will be perfect.

Now that you know the most important things to avoid on a charter bus, it’s high time you booked a “bus near me” / “van rental Chicago” / “bus service Chicago close to me” or any other group transportation in the area with Swift Charters. 

The most comfortable trips are only a call or a click away – visit Swift Charters’ website and see it for yourself!

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