Is Taking a Charter Bus Better Than Flying?

BLOG | October 23, 2018

When it comes to choosing the best means of transportation, that’s pretty much a matter of preference. Would you rather be environmentally-friendly than quick to your destination? Do you like longer, but more exciting trips? Are you into direct travel rather than changing flights? Oh, well. These and similar questions are pretty much your starting points. Even so, since you are already here, let’s discuss a few things you’ll definitely find useful in determining why taking a charter bus is better than flying, and ways to find the perfect bus rental service in Chicago.

Taking a Charter Bus

The Cost

With traveling (to faraway destinations) being as stressful as it can get, plenty of travelers chose airplanes as what appears to be a more convenient option. They assume airplanes save them time and money when the reality of things is that traveling by a charter bus nearby is significantly less expensive than airplane fares. Plus, the total cost of your fare is split between the people sharing your ride which, you’ll admit, is pretty favorable for your wallet. Swift Charters is the best bus rental company in Chicago and it offers fantastic rates for both long and short group rides in the area. Give us a call and book your bus and van rental close by in a few simple steps.

The Ease of Movement

Traveling by plane may be convenient (in a way), but it’s also very limiting, especially when you are traveling long distances. Sitting for hours on end without being able to stretch your legs, move around, change your seat or position can be very frustrating. Riding in the nearest charter bus or van has no limitations of such sort and makes your travel, no matter how long, delightful. Switch seats, take a stroll down the charter hallway, chat with the driver if you so like, or even ask them to make a stop when needed – it’s all a part of the charter game! With such comfortable accommodation, who wouldn’t want to travel on a charter bus!

Decided to go but aren’t sure what you should bring on a charter bus trip? Most of it comes down to smart planning.

Direct Travel - Taking a Charter Bus

Direct Travel

Direct flights are not always available, especially when you are traveling to far destinations. This means wasting your valuable time on hours-long layovers, complicated directions at the airport, anxiety for potentially missing a Gate and/or your flight, etc. No need to mention how air travel also requires you to be at the airport at least two hours prior to your takeoff to go through baggage claims, security, and boarding. Guess what? None of that is ever a problem when you ride on a charter bus rental near you!

On top of that, you know how airports are located at specific places throughout a state and leave little option for you to customize your arrival there? If you don’t have a car, you usually either have to ask someone to take you or pick you up, call cabs, or rent cars… then repeat the same process when you land. Charter buses pick you up at the agreed address and drop you off where you want to go.

Environmentally Friendly

Thinking of raising your eco-awareness? Start by renting a charter bus for your next travel! Why? It is a known fact that airplanes are the worst transportation method for the environment. With such high cruising altitudes, planes require a lot of fuel. Per the latest statistics, their environmental impact is 1.9 times greater than that of a bus, and they emit much higher levels of carbon dioxide, which definitely makes buses a better transportation method when it comes to keeping the environment as protected as possible. Motorcoaches emit the lowest levels of carbon dioxide per passenger mile than any other form of transportation.

If you are looking for a charter bus for rent nearby, Swift Charters is your best choice, and by far the most amazing charter bus company near your location. With the top-notch equipment, phenomenal charter buses in the garage, and competitive rates like nowhere else, you’ll decide to keep us on your speed dial – as you should! Give Swift Charters a call, and arrange your next trip!

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