Wedding Logistics Made Simple with One Swift Move!

BLOG | March 18, 2019

It doesn’t matter if you admit it or not, weddings are the kind of endeavor that gets to us all. No person alive is indifferent to wedding bells, vows, and love that goes into a future filled with potential and romantic longevity. Some people love it, some people hate it, but did you ever encounter somebody who was just like “meh, whatever”? Exactly!  

So, as the spring slowly comes to town (just a few more days, guys – this winter was a hard one, but it’s nearing its end), you all know what that means – wedding season is upon us! And to make things a bit easier for both – wedding haters and wedding lovers alike, this charter company has one awesome idea. You know us well enough to presume that this proposal will involve some kind of the best luxury bus rental services near Chicago, right? Everyone up to speed? Ok, let’s roll!

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Wedding Logistics Made Simple with One Swift Move

Why Is Chicago Wedding Coach Service near Me
an Optimal Option?

Oh, don’t get us started! Regardless of your skillful wedding planning, it’s easy to forget some of the most important things unless you work with teams of professionals!

Between venue scheduling, outfits, flowers, food arrangements, and all that jazz, it is not unusual for the comfort of attendees to get overlooked. And after all said and done, you’re doing this to celebrate love with all those near and dear to you, right? In all fairness, sappy romantics and annoyed wedding-skeptics that RSVPed both deserve to enjoy the whole shindig to the fullest. Let’s improve the likelihood of that happening, shall we?

Take the transportation off the list of things you have to worry about! Just think how awesome would it be *not* to worry about how to get to the venue(s)! Or not to get bothered with questions like “Will my dress/suit get wrinkly?”, “Will I be all sweaty when I get there? ” or “I want to drink, but then, how will I get back home or to my hotel?”.

One Swift move, (dare I say Swift call) and Chicago wedding tour bus rental nearby could put all those worries to bed, and lay optimal conditions for everybody to have the time of their lives!

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The Closest Airport Bus Shuttle Rides Available
for Everybody!

If your family and friends plan on flying in from all over the country (or even the world), a luxury bus rental near the airport ready to pick them up when they land will be a godsend! Truly! Why have them chase after taxis, arrange car rentals or figure out public transport themselves, when you can arrange everything with the most exclusive wedding shuttle in Chicago! For all of you Chicagoans, having an arranged transportation may seem like a welcome but not so necessary detail, but for out of towners  – airport transportation charter Chicago near my area could be a lifesaver, in times like these! Have us pick them up at the O’Hare, Midway, DuPage airport, bus station, train station, or anywhere else you choose as the desired pick up location, and take them where the magic’s at.

P. S. While on the subject, did you know bus charter rentals are better than flying? Yeap. Go figure.

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What About Chicago Hotel Shuttles?

Chicago Hotel Shuttles - Wedding Logistics Made Simple

After all, a lot of hotels provide free shuttle services for their patrons, why would you spend your hard earned cash on that? Well, there’s a catch. Actually, there are two of them:

  •          • Hotel shuttles can only get you so far, literally! Most of them offer their shuttling service in 3 to 5-mile radius of the hotel itself, and what’s the likelihood of your reception &  ceremony being in that range? Exactly!

  •          • Hotel shuttles are there to accommodate *all* patrons of the hotel in question. So unless your guests take all the rooms, you’ll have to remember that a lot of people using the hotel’s shuttles sadly don’t consider your wedding itinerary a priority

So, does this answer your question Why Swift Chicago bus charters near my location is the best option? It should! Seriously, think about it:

  •          • You’ll know you have an experienced driver with a deluxe bus on call who can accommodate you and all other travelers on a moment’s notice

  •          • Since adhering to wedding schedule is of utmost importance, this option will guarantee safe and timely arrival of all the people involved

  •          • All the guests will love this gesture as it will give them a chance to enjoy the event fully

Honestly, among all other things that can happen on your wedding day, do you really want this to loom over your head, too?

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Ok, you got me. But…

What About the Price of a Chicago Bus Rental
Close to Me?

Yeah, they lure you in with talks of comfort and sensibility and then they show you a price tag that will make your budget beg for mercy. Well, it’s not like that with Swift Charters! Whether you are going for an hourly Chicago charter bus or point to point motor coach for rental, your quotes will always be economical!

Swift prices remain fantastic when it comes to corporate outings, prom rides, and sporting events, (including Notre Dame Games Packages), too. So, feel free to contact us when it comes to those options as well. Let us show you that not all amazing bus transportation amenities have to cost you an arm and a leg!

Choose one of the best Chicago Bus Companies Near Me, to give all the wedding attendees a piece of mind. Let’s kick things up a notch, with united forces.

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