How to Understand the Difference Between a Bus and a Coach Bus

BLOG | May 28, 2019

Affordable, economically sound and sort-of kind to the Mother Nature (riding in a group is far better than riding in private cars separately, to the same location (fewer carbon emissions, right?)), everyone relies on the comfort of nearby buses to take them places. Other than the metro, buses are the most popular form of local transportation suited for both kids and adults. But, what usually happens is that people can’t really understand what is the difference between a coach and a bus since they look similar, offer a similar type of service, and are most often just as convenient. The rates also vary, very little.

Given that these two terms are typically used interchangeably, Swift Charters team has decided to set the record straight and help you understand where the line between the two is drawn:

What type of services do coaches offer?
And buses?

While buses usually operate as an everyday, regular service running on a schedule, coaches are a more luxurious option. Buses are dropping off and picking up passengers at various locations that are fixed while coach buses in the vicinity have the option of changing directions per passengers’ requests and needs. Also, coaches don’t make frequent stops unless asked explicitly from the passenger (i.e., the customer). When referring to privately owned charter buses or buses, both offer similarly comfortable services, customizable per your expectations, needs, and requests.

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How do coaches and buses differ in terms
of comfort?

Difference Between a Bus and a Coach Bus

Buses are spacious and comfortable travel options, but they don’t have the same comfort coaches provide. Since coaches are usually rented/booked for longer journeys, they often feature toilets, air conditioning, DVD players (or systems alike), and in some cases wireless Internet access. In terms of luggage space, coaches tend to feature cavernous luggage compartments under the passenger area, providing ample space for extensive passenger gear. Buses rarely have any extra storage room or amenities. What is more, unlike buses that usually have two- and three-seat bench-style seats, coaches have comfortable, often large plush seas that are super comfortable and spacious. Are coach bus rentals more expensive than buses? Yes, they are more expensive than buses due to the type of comfort and ease of travel they offer.

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Is it complicated to book a coach bus near me?

When you are booking with Swift Charters, no reservation is complicated or drab. It doesn’t really matter whether you are booking a charter as part of Swift’s corporate service, airport service, whether you are looking for a prom charter in the vicinity or an overnight trips arrangement, everything can be easily arranged. Give Swift Charter a call +1 312.762.5333 to book a charter nearby or go through the website. There is also the option of contacting us via email, at

Swift Charters has proven as Chicago’s most excellent charter bus rental company nearby, so count there’ll be no glitches in sight. Do make sure, however, to book a charter on time so that the agents can make proper arrangements promptly. The moment you’ve got your schedule sorted and are positive on the number of people you’ll be traveling with, Swift Charters agents and logistics experts will be there to put things into works.

How to Plan a Charter Bus Trip?

Planning a charter trip is similar to planning any other tour of a similar type, with a few variances along the way. With years of experience and countless customers that have enjoyed the comfort of nearest Swift Charters buses and coaches, here are a few things we’ll say are essential for a well-planned charter bus trip (on your end):

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Know Where You Are Traveling

Know Where You are Traveling - Coach Bus

Decide on the destination before you give your preferred charter bus company a call. Even if you are more casual about your travels, in a sense that you’d want to go on a road trip with no particular destinations to see or fixed timetables to follow, it’s essential you know your directions. That way, your chosen company will have an idea of how to organize the best traveling routes, and you’ll have a journey that’s compact and makes sense.

Decide on Date to Travel

If you’ve got a wedding to attend, an important business meeting, special occasion, game, etc. to attend, you must be aware of that date and distances to your final location. So, work your schedule around fixed dates. You can give yourself a day or two to arrive at the destination before the event (if you want to look around, enjoy the space, rest, etc.) or you can organize everything to arrive on time for the event. In case your travels don’t have any fixed dates, be flexible about planning but do have in mind what dates make the most sense for your overall journey.

Usually, coach rental companies allow coach reservations up to one or two months in advance, so have that time frame in mind as well.

Book Service of Reputed Company

The best way to find a charter bus company nearby to book with is to give a few charter websites a chance, compare the conditions and prices, and then decide. Once you’ve listed out and compared rental requirements, you can decide on a company.

Swift Charters has a long-standing tradition, numerous happy clients and a fleet of charter buses and regular buses that don’t leave anyone indifferent. Traveling conditions with Swift Charters have always been class A, giving passengers the option to customize them per their own desires. Give us a call and see why Swift Charters is the best Chicago charter bus company in the area!

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