Why Decorate Your Wedding Bus Rental

BLOG | October 11, 2019

Fall is the favorite season for wedding parties. That’s why this October’s blog should be dedicated to wedding bus rental in Chicago! There isn’t a more romantic way to say yes to your soulmate than with the beautiful fall sunset in the background and in front of the people you love. Although the wedding organization is stressful, it’s also fun and, in the end, it’s all worth it. There are many details to think about, of course, but it’s important to remember your guests’ comfort matters. On that note, you need to make sure that their arrival at the party is taken care of as well.

You already know that Swift Charters is the best bus company in Chicago that will gladly drive your guests from their hotels to the venue safely and in style. Don’t miss the opportunity to book a wedding bus nearby with Swift Charters and treat your guests to the best bus ride in the area. Now that you know where to find a bus rental in the Chicago area for your big day, it’s important to decorate it in order to provide the best wedding experience for your guests. 

Why Should I Decorate Wedding Bus Rental?
Decorate Wedding Bus Rental

Because your wedding celebration starts as soon as your guests enter the bus, and that’s a fact. Even if you don’t decorate the bus, your guest will appreciate the convenience, of course. However, they will be even more surprised if you do it, and they will experience the complete theme of your wedding right away. Why not match the bus to your wedding aesthetic and have some fun while doing it? It will help you forget about the stress of the wedding organization for a little bit, that’s a guarantee. 

Swift Charters’ buses and vans already look elegant and classy on their own, but you’re welcome to decorate them however you want. The best bus rental close to your location stands by to assist you with any request regarding your guest transportation. Prompt, elegant, and safe rides are a must at Swift Chartes, not only for your wedding day but for any other group transportation near Chicago as well. Call now and book your bus ride with Swift Charters.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Bus Rental

A disco ball on the ceiling is not the only way of decorating your wedding bus, but you probably already know that. Although everyone imagines party buses when thinking about group bus rides, you can decorate your wedding rental however you want. The best option would be if the interior of the bus matched the entire theme and aesthetic of your entire wedding because that will provide the best wedding experience for your guests. Think about the style of your wedding – is it traditional or more hip and funky? Whichever the answer may be, try to match the wedding bus rental decoration to the overall idea. 

Lightning Matters

One of the simplest options when it comes to your wedding bus decoration is to add fairy lights and create a warm and calm atmosphere inside the bus. The lights always look classy and are also widely used as venue decorations because they provide the easiest way of stepping up your decoration game without trouble. 

If you’re someone who has a simplistic, classy taste, fairy lights in warm white-yellow color will be a perfect choice. Make your wedding bus rental close by feel cozy and your guests ready for a classy and elegant wedding. Are you opting for a more funky wedding party? Use colorful lights that will make sure your guests become cheerful and ready to party as soon as they enter the bus. 

Good Old Balloons and Banners!
Flowers - Wedding Bus

Swift Charters’ vans and buses near you are so elegant that you’ll be able to combine balloons of any color with the bus aesthetic. What’s the color palette of your wedding? Why not try to combine those colors with the balloons as well and make your wedding bus rental in the vicinity stand out? Don’t forget to add some fun banners as well. You can either go with a safe choice of “Just married” or make your decorations more personal and customize your banners with the overall experience. Banners and balloons are never a mistake and offer many options when it comes to decorating your nearest bus and van rental for your wedding.

Flower Arrangements Are a Must

There’s no wedding without beautiful flowers, of course. As you can imagine, there’s an unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to flowers. That’s why you should use this convenience and order a couple of extra flower arrangements for your bus rental as well. Your guests will feel much better with a bit of nature inside the bus, that’s a guarantee. There’s nothing more enjoyable than having fresh flowers around you – it’s an instant happiness booster – try out, and you’ll see it’s true! 

Don’t Forget the Exterior!

After you’re done decorating the interior, it’s time to give some attention to the exterior of the Chicago bus rental as well. If the weather allows you, you can decorate your wedding bus rental exterior also with some fresh flowers, banners, balloons as well as bus wraps, if you want to be extra! Don’t be afraid to get creative and decorate your bus however you want – your guests will appreciate the effort.

The Best Wedding Bus Rental in Chicago with Swift Charters

Wedding bus rental may seem like a little thing, but once you take care of your wedding guests’ transportation, you’ll feel much more confident and stress-free. Book your wedding bus in the area as soon as possible, have one less thing to worry about, and concentrate on other, time-consuming wedding tasks. Rely on Swift Charters when thinking about “how to find a bus rental in Chicago?” or “how to book a wedding bus near me?” – this incredible team has got you covered. Allow us to have a role in your special day and make the organization a bit less stressful. Renting the closest group bus with Swift Charters for your wedding day is a decision you’ll never regret. Make your reservation on the website or contact friendly customer support for more details. Have a perfect wedding with Swift Charters by your side!

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