What You Should Bring on a Charter Bus Trip

BLOG | August 7, 2017

One of the most pleasant ways to have a nice journey with dear people is by renting a charter bus nearby. Whether you are organizing a family reunion, vacation or some other type of gathering, there are numerous advantages of traveling with Swift Charters’ buses, from spacious and cozy seating to drinks and the TV set. With Swift Charters, you can sit back and relax – there is no stress about looking for parking and checking if you are on the right path. Plus, you can make your long bus trip even better if you bring some additional stuff to cheer you up on the way to your intended destination.

What You Should Bring on a Charter Bus Trip - Swift Charters

To make your journey super fun and additionally exciting, we’d always recommend bringing these few things with you:

For Entertainment

While traveling, especially if it’s a long ride, bringing a distraction to occupy your mind could be the easiest way to kill boredom. Reading a book or flipping through countless magazine pages sure is one of the most common ways to do just that. You can also bring your laptop or tablet and watch movies and series as you travel. Hey, just don’t forget your charger as the majority of buses these days do have a plug-in between or under the seat. Bring your headset too for a more relaxed journey.

Personal Hygiene Items

Tissue packets and hand sanitizer or wet wipes are a must on any journey. They are to be used for various purposes – from cleaning your hands before you have a meal to use them if you need to go to the bathroom. Also, if your nearest bus charter ride is going to be long, you can bring your toothbrush. You’ll definitely make some stops on the gas stations along the way, brush your teeth before sleeping and keep your minty fresh breath during the rides.

For Sleeping

No matter how much you love traveling and being driven around, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed, does it? Unfortunately, no matter how comfortable Swift Charters’ Chicago buses are, you’ll probably never get to experience the comfort of your own bed while on the road. So, to get the best of it – bring your sleeping mask and earplugs along for good night sleep. Prepare your travel pillow and a blanket too and, if you have a problem with falling asleep – melatonin is the best natural remedy to use.

Charter Bus Trip – Food and Beverages

Most bus drivers have the policy of stopping for meals on a schedule but not all passengers like the fact they should eat at a particular time. The best way to keep your own meals in check is to bring your own food (snacks at least), just in case you get hungry in the middle of the road with no restaurant in sight. A bag of fruits, nuts or chocolate will do for starters. Have a bottle of water with you at all times. Other drinks like juices, sodas, and similar sugary drinks may trigger heartburn or even vomiting.

These were a few suggestions on top of our heads… have you got any helpful tips to add?

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